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Existence of several historical bridges on Zayanderud river, inside Isfahan city, is one of the major tourist attractions of this city . Tow of  the most famous historical bridges in Isfahan are Si-o-seh pol and Khaju .
The old name of Si-o-seh pol bridge is Allahverdi khan ,witch is the name of the  builder of this bridge . Allahveri khan was one of the commanders of Safavid king ,Shah Abbas I . He built this bridge in about 4 hundred years ago , in 1602 .
Si-o-seh pol in Persian means thirty three bridges . This bridge consists of 33 spans in tow floors , with a  total length of 298 meters and with a width about 14 meters .
Khaju bridge is also constructed or completed in Safavid period , in king Shah abbas II time , in about 1657. Khaju Bridge has 24 arches and is 133 metres long and 12 metres wide . This bridge is constructed in three floors . The down level of this bridge consists of spans or mouths that water passes through them . The middle floor can be used for pedestrians to cross the river and  have a recreation by sitting and relaxing next to a roaring water . On the upper level of the bridge, the main central aisle was utilized by horses and carts. Octagonal pavilions in the center of the bridge on both the down and the upstream sides provide vantage points for the remarkable views . 
Khaju is one of the bridges that regulate the water flow in the river because there are sluice gates under the archways over the river . When the sluice gates are closed, the water level behind the bridge is raised and became as a lack .
Mausoleum of Arthur Pope and his wife Phyllis Ackerman is situated nearby Khaju bridge .

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The people of Isfahan commonly have an interest to singing . Sometimes some lovers of singing gather runder  the historical bridge , Khajoo , and sing for each other . Aabov clip is a record of one of these singings .

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